IcePeach is a unique, soft and white peach with ivory skin and round and uniform shape. Its meat is crunchyand its flavor sweet, intense and aromatic.
You can consume it at room temperature or taste it cold without losing its delicious taste, which makes it a natural, healthy and refreshing sweet. In addition, its preservation is excellent and far superior to any other variety of peach: more than 10 days in the refrigerator, which allows you to conserve all their properties for longer even the fruit has ripened on the tree.
IcePeach can be found in two different formats: DesignPremium box with carefully-selected 4 units, ideal for giving and sharing on special occasions; and in points of sale where it can be purchased by pieces.
Surprise yourself with IcePeach, the Premium peach.
Properly preserve IcePeach
Ice peach’s ivory skin is beautiful but delicate.Blows should be avoided with a carefully manipulation of the fruits, as well as the stark changes in temperature (Icepeaches should be kept always in or out of the fridge), as this can cause an accelerated loss of consistency.
Sensory profile
Several studies carried out in Spain and Italy show that IcePeach has three of the most appreciated attributesby European consumers: a high content of sugars that appear naturally in fruits (fructose), low acidity and a crunchy texture.
A perfect complement for your health
Regular consumption of fruit is essential to lead a healthy and balanced diet. IcePeach, in addition to its amazing flavor, provides as a support the natural minerals and vitamins ascalcium, iron, vitamins A and C and fiber, which is needed to regulate intestinal transit and improve the flora of the gut.
Its level of antioxidants, especially polyphenols, which are important to prevent the aging cell, is higher than in other peaches. Furthermore, its high content in water, natural sugars and its low caloric content make it an ideal food for children and adults.
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