Receta del café/cocteleria "El Centre" de Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona).

Elabora un sorbete clásico con el melocotón premium IcePeach y añádele cava.

Mezclar durante dos minutos hasta conseguir una textura uniforme y servir en copa Martini.

250 g of wet bread crumb
100 g of raw and peeledalmonds
2 cloves of peeled garlic
½ l of cold water
1 glass of olive oil's
1 dash vinegar
1 IcePeach

Shred with a blender the almonds, garlic and a little salt. Add the crumb of bread soaked in water and whisk until you get a paste.

Add the oil little by little, as if it was a mayonnaise; add vinegar and water, always beating gently.

Finally, put it to cool in the refrigerator.

To finish, add small pieces of IcePeach and serve very cold.